An absolutely great resource, giving you everything you need for the Tower Garden business: forms, spreadsheets, an amazing compilation of tools for success.
Superstar Wendy Campbell's awesome website containing hundreds of wonderful research articles. You will need to sign-in to access the excellent resources on this site.
Username is 'campbell'. Password is 'team' 
Our own AMAZING upline, Jeff Roberti earned his title as NSA’s #1 income earner his first year and has maintained the title for over 25 years.  With a distributorship now spanning over 20 countries,  Jeff’s story demonstrates the unlimited potential of network marketing.
Fantastic free newsletter with news and events of note from sideline Team Beavers. A MUST, logon to subscribe. -
Unbelievably amazing resource, Thank you Team Eagles , I did not need to re-invent the wheel, they have done all that I could have dreamed of for a training and supportive team web-resource. IN FACT, I HAVE LINKED DIRECTLY TO THEIR PAGES SEVERAL TIMES ON THIS WEBSITE, SUCH AS TELLING YOUR STORY AND CUSTUMER CARE. 
There is a link to specific instructions at every level of our business (I am new, I am DD, VF, SC etc…) plus the Resources link has many amazing tools, webinars, succinct summaries and more. There is a great overview and video on 10-1-10 How and Why.  You can also hear the 2 min NMD speech of the last 18 new NMDs at the Dallas conferences. Inspirational and moving!
Kerry and Micki Daigle’s amazing website. His Master trainings are all available on video as well as numerous trainings on promoting events and everything you need to know about the women’s only events (invented by Mickie, who has been doing them for 15 years).
Check out the Training link and read and learn about the Memory Jogger and more.  Powerful team with a HUGE business.
My dear friends and sideline partners Mitra Ray and Doug Barlow’s team website.  Inventor of the FESSUP questions and the first to record and make available Prevention Plus+ lectures on tape, and much in between… Click on Business support and check out RI training link.  Also lots of great recorded trainings from the best in the business.
The place to go for 4 excellent presentations that can be used with or without the live calls on Sunday and Tuesday.  This site has recorded webinars with Powerpoint slides you can download for yourself, as well as a flip chart and other formats for you to learn and share: a simple product presentation, VF overview presentation , how to get started, and Tower Garden presentation!

There are many others, I will add suggestions from the team as we grow.